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Proton Finishing’s work with REACH

For us at Proton Finishing, active environmental and safety work is a top priority. We monitor the REACH legislation with associated lists of chemicals such as the so-called Candidate List, Annex XIV (authorisation) and Annex XVII (restriction). None of the surface treatments we offer contain any of the listed substances in quantities exceeding 0.1% by weight of the product.

We are currently in close contact with our suppliers of these substances and are actively working to replace substances on the candidate list without affecting the requirements for your products.

We are also continuously monitoring a number of substances that are of greater importance to us, to ensure future surface treatment methods.

Proton Finishing is a downstream user under the REACH legislation and does not purchase chemicals outside the EU that require registration.
More information about REACH chemical legislation can be found on the website of the Swedish Chemicals Agency.