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We will lead Swedish surface treatment into the future

Development is part of our identity. With a lofty goal of leading the Swedish the Swedish surface treatment industry into the future, we have dedicated a team that working exclusively on development projects. This enables us to get better, learn new areas and make a bigger difference for our customers, the industry and our common society.

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Additional IATF certification planned for 2025

We are now working on getting one more of our plants IATF certified.

Additional IATF certification planned for 2025

Proton Finishing Eskilstuna is already certified, we are now working to get more IAFT certificates and this time it is Anderstorp Stansgatan 8 that is on the way.

If everything goes as planned, the plant should receive its certificate in 2025.

The last car

That’s the name of the project that makes our plant Proton Finishing Forsheda take a big step forward in the work of reducing its climate footprint.

The last car

The goal of the project was previously to halve the amount of process water that we are unable to clean in our own treatment plant, and therefore have to send away for destruction.
But, during the course of the project, we have found new exciting solutions for water purification, which means that previously set goals are now simply too low.

According to our calculations, we will go from sending 2 full tankers a week, to only having to send 1 tanker a month!

Carrying out the purification on site, instead of transporting the process water away, has a large positive impact on the process’s emissions and hence our climate footprint.

A new exciting installation is now in place in Forsheda and we are all excited to see what it can accomplish.

Digital daily management

Daily management is the process of how we measure, analyze and follow up the business.
We are now looking at how we can make this process digital.

Digital daily management

The plan is to go from visualizing on whiteboards, to handling everything digitally by using touchscreens and Ipads in production.

Among other things, this development will give us figures in real time, which makes us proactive instead of reactive.
We also get a more efficient and “clean” way to follow up and present information, which we see as a big plus.

To be continued!

Team Impact

We are a development team working full-time on development projects that improve, change and innovate us and our solutions. Our purpose is to explore and develop new opportunities to to lead the Swedish surface treatment industry into the future. Want to know more?

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