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Areas of application

We help companies in the automotive, construction, interior design and other engineering industries with everything from specific services to comprehensive solutions in surface treatment.


We are a comprehensive partner with a high capacity to meet the industry’s strict requirements.

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Specific services or comprehensive solutions for the construction and engineering industry.

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Interior design

Surface treatment for companies in the interior design industry.

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Proton Finishing is one of Europe’s leading suppliers in surface treatment and dedicates a strong focus on development and sustainability. A large part of our customers are active in the automotive industry (automotive). Here we are a comprehensive partner with high capacity to meet the industry’s strict requirements for production, documentation and administration.

What can we do for you in the automotive industry?

Full-service supplier

Proton Finishing consists of six production units with close co-operation that gives us competitive capacity in our production and the possibility of optimised logistics flows.

Technical advice

We have a team working full-time on development projects. This gives us the resources to be a strong sounding board and contribute with our technical knowledge in the development of new solutions.

Industry leader in sustainability

We are making an aggressive investment in sustainability. With our industry expertise, we offer our customers with resources, support and guidance on sustainability issues.


We offer specific services or complete solutions for suppliers to the construction and engineering industry. With six production companies, we have the capacity to work flexibly and can quickly scale up our production for large volume requirements. With us you always get technical advice and help to find the best surface treatments and logistics solutions for your needs and wishes.

What can we do for you in construction / workshop?

High flexibility

We are committed to doing everything we can to meet our customers’ needs. Thanks to our competitive multi-unit production capacity, we are flexible and can quickly scale up our production for large volume requirements.

Optimal logistics flows

We have the management and resources required to deliver logistics solutions that meet high requirements for short delivery times, high delivery reliability and clear information exchange.

Clear lines of communication

We make your work easier and focus on smooth co-operation. Therefore, we attach great importance to that it should be easy to contact us and get answers to all your questions quickly.

Interior design

Proton Finishing offers interior design companies fast and flexible help with surface treatment. We also use our knowledge and provide guidance to facilitate and ensure you get the best finish for your needs.

What can we do for you in interior design?

Clear communication

To contribute to a safe business, we put a strong focus on high availability, smooth contact and fast response times.

Fast and flexible

With our high capacity, we help you quickly and flexibly to both find and deliver the the best coating solution for your needs.

Guidance and advice

We use our expertise to make your work easier. We can always help you with technical questions and choosing the right surface treatment based on the requirements your product must meet.

Want to know more?

We are happy to tell you more about our surface treatments and how we can help you customise smart overall solutions that streamline your work and your logistics flow.

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Our Certificates

IATF 16949

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ISO 9001 certificate

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ISO 14001 certificate

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