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Proton Finishing and Campus Värnamo:

A match made in heaven!

In a world where partnerships can be crucial to success, Proton Finishing and Campus Värnamo have found a perfect match. A partnership that not only benefits both parties, but also strengthens the local community and the future of the industry.

It all started in 2023 when Proton Finishing was honoured with a seat on the board of the production development programme at Campus Värnamo. Henrik Dyberg, one of our own at Proton Finishing, took on the chairmanship and took on the task with a vision of shaping the skills landscape of the future.

With a three-year term ahead of him, the board is taking responsibility for shaping course content that not only meets the demands of industry today, but also ensures a robust and skilled workforce for the needs of tomorrow. Already, for the upcoming course in the autumn, places are filled to capacity – so exciting and making us incredibly proud! Seeing the enthusiasm and demand from young talents is a confirmation that we are on the right track.

For us at Proton Finishing, this co-operation is of utmost importance. We see it not only as an opportunity to shape the employees and key competences of the future, but also as a chance to give back to the society that has shaped us. By investing in training and skills development, we not only provide ourselves with well-educated and passionate employees, but we also strengthen the foundations for a thriving business community in our region. Community engagement is a core value for us at Proton Finishing. Contributing to a better and more sustainable future is not just an ambition, it is our duty.

Through our partnership with Campus Värnamo, we are taking a step closer to that vision every day.
At this year’s edition of Värnamo Näringslivsgala, Proton Group received the award for Collaboration Company of the Year, presented by Campus Värnamo.

We are so proud and happy!

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