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Carbon footprint in our offers!

We said that carbon footprinting in our tenders was the next step after the work on our GHG protocols was finalised, and now we are there!

As a coating company, we are in an exciting phase of development, but this is just the beginning of our sustainability journey.

From now on, all quotes we send out will include a carbon footprint at item level.
The carbon footprint has been calculated by converting all the climate impacts of our operations into CO2 equivalents, or carbon dioxide equivalents.
The calculations cover all Proton Finishing processes, both upstream and downstream of the facilities. They also take into account the type of energy and carbon dioxide emitted by the products before they reach us, as well as the climate impact at the end customer.

If you want to know more about our sustainability work, how we work to measure and understand our climate impact and what we are doing to reduce it, you can find this information under the sustainability tab here on the website.