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EC coating is a coating layer that covers everything.

Electrodeposition, which is the correct term for this process (for short EC, KLT), is a process used as barrier protection and as a topcoat on components used both in interior and exterior environments, such as vehicle chassis and construction machinery. It is a thin coating that is applied by dipping and has excellent covering properties.

Together with zinc manganese phosphate as a base, it provides incredibly good corrosion protection that can be strengthened with powder coating.

If the components are not subjected to sunlight, an EC coating can be used completely on its own.

Why EC coating?

EC coating has very good penetration capacity in geometrically complex components. This makes it perfect for even partially closed components where aesthetics are important.

It has high corrosion performance and forms extremely even layers of 15–25μm.

The application temperature range is <+200°C.

Which products are suitable for EC coating?

This process can be applied on steel, aluminium, castings, etc.

Examples of products below:

  • Sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Vehicle chassis
  • Construction machinery

Which requirements does EC coating comply with?

  • General corrosion <Ri2 VOLVO STD 121-0001 / Y600-1.
  • Also complies with Y600-2 and Y600-3.
  • Complies with the ELV and RoHS directives.

Semi-glossy black EC

Satin black finish

Want to know more?

Welcome to contact us to ask your questions and discuss which surface treatment meets your requirements and preferences.

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