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EC and powder coatings

Powder coating on an electrode coating layer, with a zinc manganese phosphating at the base, gives excellent corrosion protection for all types of environments. This process can therefore be used for interior and exterior purposes when high corrosion performance is required.

The process is a suitable surface treatment for resistance to moisture, stones and gravel but can also be used as a decorative surface treatment for outdoor use as the EC varnish provides excellent corrosion protection under the powder layer.

Pre-treated in spraying processes, the EC coating is applied by dipping and powder coating by spraying.

Why EC and Powder Coating?

The process has a very good penetration capacity in geometrically complicated components and provides very good resistance to mechanical wear.

The application temperature range is <+200°C.

Which products are suitable for EC and powder coating?

This process can be applied on steel, zinc, aluminium, castings, etc.

Examples of products below:

  • Sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Vehicle chassis
  • Construction machinery

Which requirements do EC and powder coating comply with?

  • Complies with VOLVO STD 121-0001 / Y600-3 – Y600-4
  • Scania 4111-B3-PP – 4111-D3-PP.
  • Complies with the ELV and RoHS directives.

We coat in several current colours for the automotive industry and take inquiries on other colours according to the RAL chart.

Satin black finish

Want to know more?

Welcome to contact us to ask your questions and discuss which surface treatment meets your requirements and preferences.

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