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Bonderite 30001 and powder coating

Bonderite 30001 is a pre-treatment that is applied by a spray process and increase adhesion. This gives increase corrosion protection. At the same time, it serves a very good base for powder coating.

It is a Henkel product in the category NGC, New Generation Coatings, and is chrome 3 based.

Bonderite is a more sustainable alternative to traditional phosphating.

Through reduced use of water, energy and reduced generation of waste, this is a process with a smaller climate footprint.

Why Bonderite 30001 and powder coating?

Powder coating over a Bonderite 30001 nano-layer increases adhesion and gives excellent corrosion protection for all types of environments. This process can therefore be used for interior and exterior purposes when high corrosion performance is required.

The application temperature range depends on what colour that is used; we have heat-resistant powder that can withstand <+600°C.

Examples of characteristics for powder colour:

  • HWF (IGP) – Very weather resistant for long-term protection of façades and other components exposed to environmental and climate impact. The requirements for gloss degree stability, colour stability and easy cleaning are met with this variant of powder coating.
  • Anti-graffiti – With a coating that is completely dense, it becomes significantly easier to remove graffiti
  • Chemical resistant – A system that has resistance to a variety of chemicals
  • Bacteria resistant – Embedded silver ions in the coating keep known bacteria away from the surface
  • Outgassing-friendly – Minimizes pores, blisters and pricks in porous foundations. E.g. castings
  • Electrically conductive – Protects your products against electrostatic charge and dust accumulation
  • Effect coating – Pearl effect or metallic effect for your products
  • Heat resistant– Heat resistant powder coating up to 600°C

Which products are suitable for Bonderite 30001 and powder coating?

This process can be applied to steel, zinc, magnelis, light metalls as aluminium and magnesium.

Examples of products below:

  • Sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Fasteners
  • Wire shelving
  • Warehouse interiors

Which requirements do Bonderite 30001 and powder coating comply with?

Meets many of today’s outdoor quality requirements for most known substrates such as steel, zinc, aluminium, Magnelis, etc.

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