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Proton Finishing Eskilstuna invests in sustainable work environment

The climate, customers and employees. Everyone wins from the new investments at Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna. The only ones who will be unhappy are the crows, who will have colder feet this winter.

Proton Finishing has for a long time been running a sustainability project aimed at making the company a leader in the surface treatment industry. Now it’s the turn of Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna, where they are investing in three improvements that will bring about major positive changes, says Sandra Vatn, Sustainability Developer:
– “First and foremost, it is our employees who will benefit from these investments because we will have a much better working environment. But we will also be able to reduce our climate impact and reduce our carbon footprint by 87 tonnes.
Marcus Anderberg, who is site manager in Eskilstuna, is of course positive about the investments.

– Being able to offer a good workplace environment means a lot for our employee brand and the ability to recruit new skills. But it is also about developing the business. Proton Finishing will continue its high rate of investment, focusing on automation, processes and new technology that can contribute to increased sustainability.
– “Being proactive in sustainability is very important for our customers. We have received positive reactions from several of our major customers who are impressed by our efforts and think that we have a good overview and are well ahead. The fact that we will also be more efficient in what we do also affects customers positively from a purely business perspective. We see this as the start of an exciting growth journey – it is of course great that the Group sees the opportunities in our business and is investing in it!

First and foremost, our employees will benefit from these investments as we will have a much better working environment.

What’s happening at Proton Finishing in Eskilstuna

Heat recovery

By installing a heat exchanger, the heat from the drying oven and curing oven can be reused in the pre-treatment. Energy that was previously burned for the crows and went straight out via the ventilation. This means that LPG consumption is reduced by around 8 per cent, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the operation.

Powder box

In the past, many details have required manual labour. While employees have been working with exoskeletons and masks that have reduced the risk of injury, the physical working environment has still been challenging. With the new powder booth, all painting is done in a closed system, with much less manual labour than before, which will provide a better working environment. The box also reduces the amount of paint used and makes production more efficient.

Blasting machine

The new efficient blaster, to be installed in 2023, is a replacement investment that will provide opportunities for energy recovery and a better working environment. Old blasters often have many moving parts and leak material, increasing health and safety risks such as crushing and slippery floors. The blower to be installed has a closed system both in terms of material and handling.

Sustainability developers Sandra Vatn and Marcus Anderberg inspect the powder box that is now ready to be put into operation.

Want to know more about our sustainability work?

Here you can download a summary of the key points of Proton Finishing’s sustainability work. Read about our goals, how we got there, last year’s results and how we intend to go even further!

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